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Open Protocol Systems

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Reduce Costs

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Simpson Energy & Control Services provide energy saving consultancy and energy management advice to commercial and industrial clients throughout Scotland. Our clients include schools, supermarkets, office blocks, munitions establishments, housing associations, maintenance and construction companies.

We offer a full turnkey energy consultation and installation package from the design concept right through to completion with one point of contact throughout the project. We also provide fully trained HVAC controls engineers to provide system health checks, system upgrades and maintenance of many HVAC systems. Our engineers install energy management systems and control devices to help reduce energy consumption within buildings. In the main we use open protocol products which when applied correctly, are often self financing with no tie in to any one control system manufacturer. We have partnership agreements with three major control system suppliers which ensure that we always offer value for money. However, we remain proud to be product independent as this allows us to select the best of class, most cost effective products to meet our client’s expectations and budgets.