Simpson Energy Control Services

About Us

Simpson Energy & Control Services provides innovative solutions to reduce and monitor energy consumption within buildings. We have considerable experience in the HVAC market sector and are fully trained in the reduction and management of energy.

With nearly 70 years combined experience in the industry in all disciplines, we have the know-how to use the tools that are available to us, but also understand and apply the latest technologies to industrial and commercial properties. In short, we are a capable organisation with a positive “can do” attitude that delivers on our promises. What we offer is a true partnership from day one.  We find that when we work together with people we can devise the best energy reducing strategies to apply to their particular property or group of properties.

 Advice on Energy Consumption Savings

We provide clients with expert advice on where to save on energy costs. We install new systems but are happy to improve and maintain competitors’ systems to save energy. We are an independent company with no tie or commitment to any manufacturers’ product.

We are specialists in the control of HVAC, Refrigeration and Lighting systems. Our main goal as a company is to reduce building energy consumption and in turn reduce building operating costs. We know from our experience that when a company adopts the correct approach to energy management with us, we can produce significant savings.


It is not unusual for our clients to save up to 20% year on year on their gas bill when a demand based control system is installed by us.Simpson Energy & Control Services