Simpson Energy Control Services

Control System Design

This can be sitting down with a consulting engineer, design and build mechanical contractor or in a lot of cases, an end user in a building. We have the know-how and experience to listen to what they are trying to achieve and convert this into a successful energy efficient control system within budget.

The products that we supply are both innovative and probably more important open protocol. The systems we install do not require expensive gateways. They bring in points from other open systems seamlessly. All system software and system graphics are produced in house.

A real bonus for the end user/owner of the systems is that the equipment we provide has a remote access facility that is built in at no cost from day one. When installed, the equipment can be accessed remotely via a standard web browser from anywhere in the world (subject to network access approval) with no specialist software required on the device being used to access it. Typical devices that are commonly used are iPhones, iPads Android tablets and PC’s.

Provided the person accessing the system has the correct access privileges, they can make changes to almost any point on the system. They can also easily change time schedules, setpoints, look at historical data, etc.

It is not unusual for our clients to save up to 20% year on year on their gas bill when a demand based control system is installed by us.Simpson Energy & Control Services